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SvsT Idea Board and Thoughts on the Update

Snipers vs Thieves Extended - [ELITE]-=Deadshot=-
P.S. Editing finished to as far as I can get it; enjoy the read ;) ========================================================== Before I go into any ideas, looking at the update, I will admit to not enjoying it as much as I used to with some of the decisions that have been made. To start, I'm OK with keys going, mainly because people would only buy the higher crates at the time, but as far as the Loot Crates go, I have the following stats:
Bronze Old - 24 Commons (24 tokens) = 4 Gold Bronze New - 1 Mask/Mod, +3 Rares, +15-33 Tokens (36 tokens) = 25 Gold
Silver Old - 24 Rares, 48 Commons (72 tokens) = 8 Gold Silver New - 1 Mask/Mod, +18 Rares, +32-52 Tokens (70 tokens) = 75 Gold
Gold Old - 16 Epics, 48 Rares, 96 Commons (160 tokens) = 16 Gold
Gold New - 1 Mask/Mod, +8 Epics, +48-79 Tokens (87 tokens) = 200 Gold
Isn't that inflation an bit excessive? £5.49 for one Gold Loot Crate? The reason why people didn't buy the others was because they offered much less value than the highest offer, and you could get that way too quickly, but now no-one will buy them because they are way too expensive for the same, if not less than the original. And yes, although I'm comparing these loot crates to key crates and I understand the incentive to play for them rather than buy them straight up, this still takes it a little too far. Ideally, I would be asking for half of those prices; 15 for a Bronze, 35 for a Silver and 100 for a Gold and if you put a Gold offer up, increase the amount of tokens to around 56-110 and allow a small chance for a Super Mod. This is also taking into consideration that you will always be guaranteed a mask or mod, which is nice, but remember that the chance of getting one you want is random luck.
Then there was the timing of the update; as you know by a few posts already, releasing a game-changing update in the middle of a competitive season is never a good idea; in fact it has been known to ruin the profit stream of many businesses, so you should always take it into consideration with fair use policies. Luckily, this game is still in it's beta (or at least the title says so), so there is a little room to make mistakes here and there, but if it moved on to the full game, that could be it for the entire business. So, my recommendation would be; as soon as you sussed out what your costs will be, fixed and optimised the interface and moved it forward to the real game, announce another reset and refund scheme, just like when the Beta Masks came out, and don't make any more mistakes you could regret taking in the meantime.
Finally, I want to mention about the matchmaking, referencing to OakenBarrel here. Despite being an extremely good sniper at level 40 that has been consistently hitting Elite Rank every season, I am deciding to not play in the last week of the competition; it clearly isn't fair for level 13 players that have worked hard for Elite Rank from purely being active to be battered by level 50 players that will one shot you whenever they see you even move out from behind your first bit of cover. From the old matchmaking, I was fine with facing level 40s of my own level, with the occasional overlevelled player, because when I faced that odd player, it gave me a fair challenge. But with the way that things stand, what adding the season rank has done is only help the pro players; it doesn't help the new players out at all. So recommendations for this is to either base people on how many times they reached and finished in Elite Rank for past seasons, which means it gets relatively harder by skill progression every season you succeed in, or simply roll back the matchmaking section of the update entirely.
Now that I had my say on the update, I think it's time to share some... I mean a lot of ideas that can help improve the game. ========================================================== Content:
========================================================== GENERAL
General Rank Progression Changes:
The Level Cap increase is made to compensate for all of the content available in this extension. This does not affect the Powerup levels; they will stay at level 10 to make conversions easier. I also heard a couple of people suggest to have separate ranks for Snipers and Thieves individually, but I feel that may be a little too complicated to take in.
New Masks: Along with these masks are Challenge masks which are unlocked through the time you play the game. These masks include;
The Fruit Collection (Pineapple, Dragonfruit, Grapevine, Turnip, Blueberry, Orange)
The Gangster Collection (Sharky, Wolf Pack, Pug Life, Small Fry [Tuna], Long Faced Larry [Horse], Big Grizzly)
Spec Ops Collection [Challenges] (Deadshot, Ace of Spades, Ol' Painless, Bandanaman)
Donald Trump [Add to POTUS] (from the description of the game in the Google Play Store)
New Selling Feature:
A quality of life change that is being added is the ability to sell Mods for both Snipers and Thieves for cash; Super Mods can be sold for gold. Exchanges are;
Bronze Mods - $5-8k each
Silver Mods - $7-12k each
Gold Mods - $9-16k each
Super Mods - 20 Gold each
Chat Improvements and Friends System:
To improve the current chat, there needs to be a button that can view a chat history of previous comments,* while keeping the main scrolling chat bar there for quick reading on the go. This could also be useful for messages that are simply too long to even fit on the scroll bar. In turn, to prevent spamming, there will need to be a 200 character limit on text you write in.
Then through this is the friend system, where every play is given a uniquely generated tag to use. You can add friends through the chat menu, on the loading screen or by typing their tag. Once you are friends with someone, you can heist alongside them like any other cartel member. The tag system will also be useful for recovery issues with customer support as alternate evidence if needed.
Adding an Achievements button:
This will probably be the best option to add in the meantime while we focus on additional fixes, because at the moment, it looks as if something should go where the loot keys used to be. The achievement section should hold everything you can encounter in the 'Challenge' sections for both the Sniper and the Thief, including some general challenges alongside that.
Extend and Improve the Black Market:
Prior to the Key removing update, I have seen the new interface for the Black Market, but it doesn't really appeal to me or some players to how it looks. Again, I'm OK with the style you chose with it, but I feel like it could do with an overhaul with the content, which some of these suggestions;
_________________________________________________________________________ SNIPERS
New Sniper Types:
- Bolt Action
These snipers are for high risk, high reward players who want to get closer to getting that one shot kill. Fires a single shot like the Semi Auto variant with reduced recoil and increased damage, but suffers by shifting viewkick to pull back the bolt after every shot and very limited ammo, sometimes down to only one shot.
Stat Comparison - Damage+, Zoom+, Accuracy+, Stability+, Fire Rate-, Clip Size-, Reload-, Recoil-
Your pull back viewkick is based on the Stability Stat, where the height is similar to that of taking recoil.
- Burst Fire
These snipers are more reliable to gather a hit, but require multiple to be effective. Fires a stream of three bullets per trigger pull with reduced recoil and damage, but bullet recoil accumulates and adds up higher than the Semi Auto variant. Unlike the Bolt Action, these rifles hold a lot of ammo to make up for their abysmally small damage profile.
Stat Comparison - Accuracy+, Fire Rate+, Clip Size+, Stability+, Damage-, Zoom-, Reload-, Recoil-
The Fire Rate is displayed for the entire burst, including the burst delay. The Burst Delay is 1/3 of the Fire Rate Stat.
New Sniper Mod:
- Ammo Mods
These mods will always guarantee a big helping hand in filling up your magazine, even from the bronze upgrades. Every Mod from this class will carry extra ammo and reload upgrades. The mod stats are;
Bronze, Bitesize Ammo Mod - +6% Reload Speed, +1 ammo
Silver, Helix Ammo Mod - +13% Reload Speed, +2 ammo
Gold, Ballistic Ammo Mod - +20% Reload Speed, +3 ammo
New Sniper Powerups:
- Hammerhead Ammo (Uses: 2-4)
Increases the size of the bullet in return for damage reduction. Think of this as a hybrid between Caltrops and Big Head Ammo.
'Made with the toughest of sharks in one bitesized package!'
Max Damage: 84-433, Size Increase: 180%-450%
- Static Ammo (Uses: 3-5)
Fires an energised shot that chains onto multiple thieves in close proximity, stunning them and dealing increasing damage per thief.
'Nothing beats the relief of putting your money-ridden fingers in the toaster!'
Max Damage: 60-309x'n', Effect Radius: 2.7-5.4m, Stun Duration: 0.5-2 seconds
n is the amount of targets next to each other
- Sentry Gun (Uses: 2-4)
Place an automated turret that will shoot all thieves on sight. Will not see camouflaged thieves, except for barrels and safes (including mini-safes). Fires 5 shots every 2 seconds.
'Now you can guard your goods with the latest technology! Warning: Could be taking pictures of you in your sleep'
Damage: 24-124, Fire Rate: 2.5/s, Trigger Radius: 9.6-15m
This is designed to be the counter for safe users as the continuous fire restricts movement when it gets hit.
Powerup Bonus and Challenges:
Use three of the same Mod equipped to your sniper to unlock a 4th slot to use in-game. As soon as you take one mod off though, so will that space, so that there aren't any exploits with the system.
Sniper will also be receiving Challenges which can unlock both cash and new masks from the Spec Ops Collection, which you can earn just by playing well. Those Challenges are;
Earn 100/1000/10000 kills in your lifetime - $5k/50k/250k
Earn 100/1000/10000 headshots in your lifetime - $7.5k/75k/375k
Earn 50/500/5000 kills without powerups - $6k/60k/300k
Earn 50/500/5000 headshots without powerups - $9k/90k/450k
Play 100/1000/10000 Games as the Sniper - $4k/40k/200k
Special - Gather 4 headshots back to back in a game without missing a single shot - Deadshot
Special - Fire 30 bullets/bursts in one game without getting negative stars - Bandanaman
New Snipers:
Type: Bolt Action, Ammo: 4, Level Unlocked: 3
Type: Burst Fire, Ammo: 9, Level Unlocked: 5
Type: Bolt Action, Ammo: 5, Level Unlocked: 12
Type: Burst Fire, Ammo: 12, Level Unlocked: 17
Type: Bolt Action, Ammo: 3, Level Unlocked: 23
Type: Burst Fire, Ammo: 9, Level Unlocked: 23
Type: Bolt Action, Ammo: 7, Level Unlocked: 30
Type: Burst Fire, Ammo: 12, Level Unlocked: 38
Type: Bolt Action, Ammo: 1, Level Unlocked: 42
Type: Burst Fire, Ammo: 15, Level Unlocked: 42
Type: Semi Auto, Ammo: 6, Level Unlocked: 48
Type: Bolt Action, Ammo: 9, Level Unlocked: 48
Type: Burst Fire, Ammo: 18, Level Unlocked: 48
Basically A Cannon Buffed by 9% and moved to Level 55. All holders of this weapon keep it.
Updated Sniper List:
_________________________________________________________________________ THIEVES
New Bag Type: Armour
Armour will more than likely grant you less money than a regular bag, but exchanges it for passive survivability. Grants you resistance to damage if the armour is hit, but also reduces your total cash when the armour is hit. Also reduces movement speed depending on how much resistance is applied.
Stat Comparison - Capacity-, Toughness+, Drip Rate-, Weight+
Resistance is based on the Toughness Stat, where a 0.2 stat reduces 20% of damage.
NOTE: Resistance does not affect the head.
New Heist Powerups:
- Crowbar (Uses: 2-4)
Allows thieves to hijack cars and trucks for random powerups. Used instantly after searching.
'This useful tool will surely remove any worthless junk and headcrabs from their previous owners.'
Search Time: 4.2-2.4 seconds, Gadget Level: 1-10
- Booze (Uses: 2-4)
Alters the straight walking route spontaneously to get from cover to cover, making it harder and less predictable for snipers.
'The good old pint of root beer; known to make thieves fall flat on their face after a night in!'
Path Deviation: 30-120%, Movement Speed: 77-95%
Powerup Bonus and Challenges:
Use three of the same Mod equipped to your bag to unlock a 4th slot to use in-game. As soon as you take one mod off though, so will that space, so that there aren't any exploits with the system.
Thieves will also be receiving Challenges which can unlock both cash and new masks from the Spec Ops Collection, which you can earn just by playing well. Those Challenges are;
Win 25/250/2500 Games without getting hit once - 8k/80k/400k
Win 50/500/5000 Games without powerups - 9k/90k/450k
Earn 100/1000/10000 Gold Crates - 9k/90k/450k
Play 100/1000/10000 Games as a Thief - $4k/40k/200k
Special - Survive 2 headshots in one game and live - Ol' Painless
Special - Win 3 consecutive games using all 3 powerups, 10 times - Ace of Spades
New Armour:
'The best gift for your poverty needs and scavenging back alleyways.'
'The Prince of Penguins has arrived to give you your daily slipup... and fish.'
'Don't know about you, but these pair of pyjamas may look the part for a nefarious pillager.'
'Now with the out-of-the-closet purfume stench that totally doesn't give away your hiding tactics!'
'Now featuring the popular dances from the 80s... interrupted by our latest remix!'
'Not like you'll see one of these in a frozen cave, but will definitely help stack up the cash!'
'Look who's got all the cash. It would be a shame if anything were to happen to it...'
'Run straight for the goal posts in this oversized dancing mascot cosplay!'
'Kids love him, Bankers hate him. The all new combo you would never miss in your sleep.'
'Deflecting even the toughest of bullets...except explosives, bee stings and annoying neighbourhood screams'
'Who would have thought your savings would turn into your very own slapstick comedy!'
Also introducing... The Grand Finale (Piano) [Bag] - lv55
'Nothing better to end a good old show by hanging one of these from the ceiling!'
Updated Bag List:
_________________________________________________________________________ GAMEPLAY
New Maps:
Long Range map based on the airstrip of CashFlow Airlines where the thieves have robbed to stock exchange and are planning their big escape.
The thieves will start in the main hub and end at the cargo bay of their plane where the van is raring to go. The sniper will be located at the air traffic control tower with clear lines of sight of the airstrip.
From the sniper's view, the airport hub can be see on the left with the stock exchange hangar up ahead. There will be a plane at it's fuelling station in the middle between the sniper and the thieves that can be used as an alternate route. You can walk along the hub walkway towards the entrance of the plane where you can walk down the stairs into open land, to then use crates and luggage for cover. You can also go around the plane and across the airfield next to some tire walls in attempt to take a flanking route. All of this leads to a second plane on the right with the van waiting to go inside of the cargo bay.
Long Range map based in a private executive hideout where the thieves managed to gather vital Intel about some upcoming gadget blueprints that could make them big bucks.
The thieves will start in the lower floor of the estate and end at the edge of a cliff face, where the van will be located. The sniper will be located down a long forest path on top of a water cooling tower, which will also be a place where you can see the sniper before the game starts.
From the sniper's view, the estate is on the highest point of the map and the road they have to follow to the cliff uses trees and concrete walls for cover. There are also two alternate routes they can take; one is through a ladder into a bunker with a functional door and the other is out of the back and down a narrow footpath, completely shrouded by trees. The cliff and van are located on the right side of the map, or on the side of the footpath.
Short Range map based in a top secret CDC at the top of a skyscraper in the city centre, next to a multi-storey car park.
The thieves start by going out of an elevator and need to head across one of the skybridges towards the car park, where the van will be located. The sniper will be on an adjacent skyscraper facing the glass windows of the heist.
From the sniper's view, you can see two different towers; the higher one on the left is the CDC and the lower one on the right is the car park. The thieves start at the top of three visible floors, all of which have glass balconies, which they need to make their way down by either simply jumping or taking the stairs towards the skybridges. There are two you can take; either the near or far entrances, both of which have considerable amounts of cover. They both lead to a single visible level of the car park where the van is at the very end, next to an exit ramp. The path the sniper will see the thieves take should be pretty much an L shape.
Medium Range map on the sunny coastlines next to the city, featuring open spaces and plenty of scenery.
The thieves come out of a regular bank and need to make their way across a massive public park, which is now littered with trucks and empty markets, toward the van across the road. Despite all of the buildings being deserted, there will still be vehicles driving around the ring road surrounding the park. The sniper will be firing from the roof of the pier alongside it.
Just so that we get a change of pace here; from the thief's view, you exit the bank towards a busy zebra crossing with cars passing through it, which offers a straight path, but there are also 2 separate ways you can take each flank. From the left is your shoreline, where you can go along the path towards the wall that separates the road from the seaside. You can go either side of this wall, where the closest just allows you to see your head as you sprint between posts and the furthest has rocks you can use for cover. For reference, the sniper will also be on the left. On the right, you take the path towards a line of restaurants, where you can use the ground floor tables as cover, or go upstairs to jump across open balconies. In the middle path, there is a completely open area with path's coming in from all directions towards a statue of a thief raining down his money. All paths should lead to a building complex on the other side of the park, where the van will be parked towards the entrance of the pier alongside it.
Reintroduction to showing the heist's total pay out after each game:
This was a neat feature that got included in the beta that helped see how much everyone else carried over and I feel that having this feature back could help bring up the team spirit in cartels or in pretty much every match. The end screen when they are in the van can stay the same because it is a simple overview of what happened in the game, but before that, it can still provide a good sense of achievement without getting overly envious.
Thieves will now get +2 Stars if they and their cartel members/friends make it to the van:
Again, this is to improve the team ethic and bring an extra use to the friend system. The multiplayer aspects of these heists and the humour it provides is what keeps players playing the game (unless you want to be grinding for masks, which isn't a problem), and by enhancing it will turn it into a near perfect heist game.
I understand that the devs might not be able to get some of these features out there straight away; this is only an idea board after all. They can take as much time referring to this as often as they like as it is purely there to help. Also a disclaimer; I am not one of the developers or part of the team and have no relation to FoxGlove Studios in any way. I am only another player on this game just the same as the majority.
Hope you are all enjoying your heisting so far and hope to see this develop well as we come closer to the full game :)
IGN: [ELITE]-=Deadshot=-
submitted by KN11F3D to snipersvsthieves [link] [comments]

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